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Sad SDRSHARP on a RTL-SDR v3 Pro
Posted by: cr85hr - 05-09-2022, 12:59 PM - Forum: RTL (Realtek) based SDRs - No Replies

I have a specific automated use for my RTL-SDR. I monitor a FM station 24/7 and if it goes off air I have an additional piece of software that detects the outage and alerts me. Since installing SDR Sharp it stops monitoring at some points within every 24 hrs and I have to log back in and restart it Sad . SDRSharp appears to be way more sophisticated than I need. I just want a compatible free piece of software that just tunes into a single FM frequency and stays there.  Has anybody on this forum got a suggestion for an alternative application that I can use please?


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  images received from NOAA19 weather satellite with experimental V dipole antenna
Posted by: vu3dxr - 01-19-2022, 11:35 AM - Forum: NOAA & weather satellite decoding (wxtoimg, etc) - No Replies

[Image: NOAA19-IMAGE1-768x965.png][Image: NOAA19-IMAGE2-768x965.jpg]
Location – Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India

Receiving Hardware – RTL SDR with experimental v dipole antenna.

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  137 Mhz V-dipole antenna for weather satellites reception
Posted by: vu3dxr - 01-19-2022, 11:18 AM - Forum: Home made antenna discussion - Replies (2)

DIY – 137 Mhz V-dipole antenna for weather satellites reception

D.Prabakaran VU3DXR

A V-dipole for NOAA weather satellites on 137 MHz has been published by 9A4QV and it seems to get very good results. The designed antenna works at frequency 137 Mhz with omnidirectional radiation pattern.

The length of the each leg should include the connecting wire’s length up to the coaxial connector or coax. For my case connecting wire’s length is around 6 cm for convenience. Here in my case, PVC end cap acted as antenna elements mount, which is structurally stable than electrical terminal block.

I have used the following materials:
⦁ PVC pipe – 2 inch diameter
⦁ PVC pipe – 2 inch end cap
⦁ Aluminium or brass elements(one end threaded) – 2 nos each length 530mm

⦁ 8mm Brass stand off nuts and bolts – 3/4 mm size – 2 nos
⦁ BNC female connector adopter
⦁ solder lugs with 6cm wire soldered – 2 nos

1. Fix brass stand off nuts on PVC end cap at 120 degree apart using bolts along with solder lugs.
2. Insert both antenna elements into brass stand off nuts and firmly screwed it.
3. wires from solder lugs connected to BNC female connector adopter
4. Fix PVC end cap on top of PVC pipe.
5. The length of the each leg should include the connecting wire’s length up to the coaxial connector or coax plus length of stand off nut.
6. Stand off nut length should be minimum 8mm


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Posted by: rakibhasan - 01-07-2022, 10:18 PM - Forum: Home made antenna discussion - No Replies

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71% of French in-store shopping journeys start with a smartphone search. The percentage of mobile transactions increased from 30% to 51% from 2016 to 2020. The average basket made per mobile transaction has increased from € 60 in 2015 to € 69 in 2020. 57% of people have a mobile wallet app installed on their phone and 53% say they are comfortable paying only with contactless payment methods.
90% want to start or will continue to pay using their mobile wallet. More than 31 billion hours per year will be spent on banking applications around the world in 2021.

Mobile is now firmly established in everyday life: 9 out of 10 French people use it every day (88.7%), which makes it the leading lever for digital advertising investment (70%). By 2021, mobile ad spend will reach $ 290 billion worldwide, an average Finland Phone Number List annual growth rate of 21% over two years. 95%. This is the open rate of marketing SMS sent by e-merchants. And the geolocated SMS is the most effective lever to generate a visit to a point of sale (41%) In summary, you will have understood it correctly, the mobile has established itself as the 1 st connection screen and therefore a privileged channel of relationship between a brand and its customers. And the upcoming arrival of 5G may accelerate the trend with reduced connection times and a smoother experience. However, the idea is not to switch to all mobile-only but of course to mix these different devices to be where the consumer is and activate the right levers at the right time because let us remember that for the moment, the shopping cart remains higher on Desktop.

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Posted by: heatman5 - 11-10-2021, 04:47 AM - Forum: Home made antenna discussion - Replies (2)

Hello, I've just purchased the RTL-SDR V3 and would like to know about antennas. I'd like to install a random length wire on my roof. The length would only be around 22 feet (slightly longer might be possible). I would only be able to have it 2 or 3 feet above the roof, but the height above terrain would be slightly over 30 feet. This would be approximately 35 feet from our suburban electrical utility wires which are at least 2130 vac 60 htz. stepped down at the transformer (which will be the same distance from propposed antenna) to single phase 125/250 vac. The roof is flat and sloped, higher nearest the utility wires. I'm hoping the slope will shield the proposed antenna from the utility wires. This house that we live in is 100% covered on the exterior by aluminum siding. The house is a veritable faraday cage with only the bad rf inside. AM, FM, VHF, Shortwave are almost totally un receivable in the house, no matter the type of antenna. So to the roof I go. Will this work? Will I need a 9:1 unun at the antenna (on the roof)? Will I need a 1:1 balun down below near the entrance? Will rg6 feed from roof act as counterpoise? I will not be transmitting, I do not have a license, just receiving. Any help, any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  Add more detail to the Forum topics
Posted by: DryLand404 - 11-05-2021, 09:04 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Many of the topics I cant tell what it's about .

Note below the difference 

as an SDR newb I don't know what most of these are . 
But I understand what ADS-B is ...

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  Helium Spot signal reading ?
Posted by: DryLand404 - 11-05-2021, 07:29 AM - Forum: Other software - Replies (1)

Has anyone had any success reading traffic from Helium Spots ? 

I have been playing with a Helium Spot and trying to read the interaction with other units. 
It runs 915 Mhz 

Unofficial Support forum - https://helium.zipsearch.net/  

Official page - https://www.helium.com/

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  SDR++ seems to be the way to go
Posted by: DryLand404 - 11-04-2021, 06:30 PM - Forum: SDR# & SDR++ - No Replies

I have tried
HDSDR - Flakey - sometimes cant find the receiver - Hard to figure out the controls - seems clunky
SDRSharp - which appears to be AirSpy SDR# Radio - Easyer to use - also seems to have frequent problems finding the tuner

SDR++ I just loaded and tried and it found the tuner no problem

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Posted by: DryLand404 - 11-04-2021, 06:21 PM - Forum: rtl_433 - No Replies

found it at your tutorial - https://austinsnerdythings.com/2021/09/1...-tutorial/

 ran it - works
 Win 10 - tuner detected - Fitipower FC0013 tuner

Haven't been able yet though to tune any data sources.

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  Not much activity
Posted by: smb3 - 10-27-2021, 05:42 PM - Forum: Feedback - Replies (1)

What are we gonna do to get more people on this forum?

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