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RTL-SDR Giveaway!

Thanks for doing this! I arrived via the homeassistant subreddit. I've been wanting to add utilities consumption to my HA setup, and know for sure that at least water is readable via an RTL-SDR (I suspect that my power meter is encrypted zigbee, based on model info. Dangit!) Additional sensors (weather, soil moisture, etc.) are interesting as well.
I'm here from reddit, too. I was a little upset to discover that my meter isn't one of the ones that is able to be monitored but the 433 mhz stuff is very cool.
Got here from the subreddit as well. Just picked up a RTL2832U+ based received for some 433 stuff and also interested in pulling off my Itron water meter and power meter. No upgraded gas one yet though...
The zoom net is at 8PM on Friday (today) the time zone is EST. Go to and click "Direct Zoom Link" We'd love to have you on. We will be doing a live demonstration of HamPi and showing how to set it up from start to finish.
The winner is smb3! I will be contacting him tonight to discuss if he wants the SDR bundle or to pass on the opportunity to someone else.
Congrats smb3!
Thank You for doing this giveaway. I wish everyone who entered good luck.

Also thanks for allowing me to be a member of this forum too.
Happy to see there some traffic here.

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